trucks market is the biggest challenge in Indian market. there are so many reasons. why very big mnc’s are working toward indian market to enter and work many big name. like TATA ,MAHINDRA, LEYLAND .EICHER ,SWARAJ MAZDA already working here. and providing the need of time. and so many already tring to enter in Indian and asian market. this question always come up that why INDIAN truck market are always the interest point for truck manufacturers and truck spare manufacturers. to know the answer you have to read this carefully . 01

Reasons why Indian truck market is point of interest truck 02

Road networks –INDIA having its huge network of national highways and state highways. its around more then 4.3 million kilometers which includes national and state highways and many others roads. it means its slightly equal to world biggest INDIAN rail network. The thing is rail is also not everywhere here trucks do works for transportation of good and materials. This things define that truck playing a good role in that situations. there are so many places where rail network is week like in hill areas. here truck plays a tremendous role. 03 truck

Short distance- commercial vehicle like trucks perform good role in short distances. it is very useful when good has to deliver in short distances . which rail can not able to do.because freight train work on scheduled time. and if you have to deliver urgent you have to wait for the scheduled time.

Biggest aftermarket- Indian market is biggest aftermarket for commercial vehicle. because trucks covers the 50% of road networks. and because thousand of trucks daily covers many kilometers. they all need services time to time. and need there broken parts change for effortless and smooth shows how big is Indian market for after sales of parts. and its opportunity to business. 04

Employment –commercial sections employee 5 million people in India.people work as a drivers and helpers and attendant and in many
others stages. It is very good to see people show there skill on road by deliver goods from one state to other in a given time period.

pillar of economy-TruckĀ helpĀ in deliver the goods and product from one place to another. and then people buy it. making anything on time is good but deliver it on time is also a very big task.where this trucks plays important role.generate revenue by giving taxes

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