kashmiri gate is the one of the biggest auto parts market in the world .this market provides the quality metal plastics and rubber parts to all over the asia .there are more then 5000 shops and dealers and manufacturers as well. kashmiri gate biggest autoparts hub ??


world biggest market for auto parts

this question always arise that why is this very important place for auto parts in asia and over the world. The answer is very simple at this there are atleast 5000 shops of autoparts and manufactures, who are importers and exporters as well . they are very professional towards there work. if you want to purchase any part for your own cars buses and trucks then this place is will be very cost efficient for you.

whats type of parts you can get here

every single part you can search here and buy it at very cheap prices . you can search any parts here like genius parts like MGP {maruti suzuki genius part} ,hyundai genius parts,toyota parts and all other accesories it could be any thing at price. the best thing about this market is you can buy your product at your own price.there are so many shops which will give you your product at your price. in other ways we will say that its a market for all need . kashmiri gate market is situated in delhi . something which makes its very unique from autopart market and that is its heritage this place is established in 18th century. In this time period its has inhence its heritage.this autoparts market is more then 50 year old.fact about autopart market

some fact about kashmiri gate autopart market

  • as you all know that market having more than 5000 plus firms who manufactures and sell autoparts. its a somthing very big it self .
  • this market contribute big percentage in country’s GDP . and that help to make our country economy growth.
  • In India there are more then 40 crore vehicles include two wheelers cars and trucks buses as well. this market fullfill the 70% of market need.
  • After completing India”s vechiles need this market welcomes importers from different country. and fullfilles their need according to there need .
  • this market is biggest arena for showing skill and product material and it reward will be name as well as sell.
  • if you have low amount to repair your car then this place is allways open for cheep seakers. come all the way here to find cheap and good deal.
  • as like all the markets there are also so many people who try to sell the duplicates products. so beware of them.
  • kashmiri gate autoparts market is in old delhi. and as we all know that it is very popular for its heritage building. small streets.
  • if you are thinking to give your car a decent interior then their is no other place like this.
  • if you are autoparts traders and finding bulk quantity of autoparts in kashmiri gate

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